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Spare Parts Order


To obtain spare parts for your STORM watch, please send the STORM Spare Parts order form to us. Please ensure the form is correctly filled in.

Please see Service Price List. In addition to the prices quoted, please add $10.00 for shipping & Handling

Please follow the instructions below then complete and print the STORM Spare Parts order form.

Please send the order form to us - contact details can be found on the order form.

Please request what part you want to order (for example strap, clasp, link, and pin) and the name and colour of your watch. All STORM watches have model names which are engraved on the back of the watch, usually above the STORM logo. In order for us to process and deal with your order, we require the model name to ensure correct parts are sent. If your item does not have a model name engraved on the back, then it maybe an older model produced over 12 years ago. If this is the case then please send a photo of your item for identification along with your order. If you are ordering leather straps, please state the colour of the strap as they may come in different colours.

Please fill in your Visa or Mastercard details for us to process the payment. you can also pay by cheque or money order, in which case please make it payable to “EWI” and mail it to us with your order form

Once we receive your Spare Part Order, we will process it and advise you if there are any problems or delays. If parts are no longer available, we will contact you. Please allow around one week for the service, provided spare parts are in stock.


If you have any further inquiries please contact our Service Dept: