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Below is a list of F.A.Q on service & repairs for STORM WATCHES, please read the FAQ carefully prior to contacting us. For questions on other types of products manufactured by STORM please refer to the care & maintenance leaflet for that product.




If your question is not listed above, then please contact our Service Department at:

Please note that you will not get a response on matters already covered in the F.A.Q.'s.

Q: How can I obtain service for my STORM watch?
     You need to send your watch to us for service. Please see Returns Procedure or your STORM Guarantee for more information.
Q: Where do I send it for service / what is your address?
    STORM Canada, Service Dept, 301-2550 Bates Rd. Montreal, QC H3S1A7
Q: What do I include with the watch, when sending it for service?
    1) A Covering letter explaining the faults and what service is required.
2) Your guarantee and sales receipt, only if the item is under one year old and the fault or service is covered under the guarantee. For items over one year old or for a chargeable service we do not require the Guarantee or sales receipt to be sent in. 
3) A cheque or money order for the correct amount for the service + shipping & handling. For service prices see: Service price list
Q: How much will the repair on my watch cost? / Do you have a price list?
    Please see Service Price List
Q: Will you advise me if there are any additional charges before work is carried out?
    Yes, we will contact you for approval of any additional charges. For more information please see Service Price List
Q: How much do I send for Shipping & Handling?
    You should send $10.00
Q: Who should the cheque or money order be made payable to?
Q: What is the model name/number of my STORM watch/ How can I identify it?
    All STORM watches made within the past 8 years will have the model name engraved on the watch caseback, this is found usually on top of the STORM logo. Please note all our watches have model names and not numbers.
Q: Are your watches adjustable, if so where can I have the strap/band made smaller to fit my wrist?
    Yes, you can try your local qualified jewellers / watch makers who should be able to do the alterations. If not you can send it in to us directly. Please see Service price list for the charges.
Q: Where can I obtain extra links for my watchstrap to make it bigger?
    You can obtain extra links from us directly. Please see Spare Parts order procedure
Q: Can I order spare parts direct from you without sending the watch in?
    Yes. Please see Spare Parts order procedure
Q: How long is STORM guarantees valid for?
    1 year from the date of purchase provided it is dated and stamped by the retailer.
Q: What is covered under the STORM guarantee?
    The STORM guarantee covers the movement/mechanism of the watch against defects for 1 year. It also covers any genuine manufacturing defects within this period in which case it will be repaired free of charge, except for the return S&H charge. See STORM Guarantee or Care & Maintenance for more information.
Q: What is not covered under the STORM guarantee?
    1) Batteries, Glass, Case, Straps, Clasp, winder. 
2) Accidental damage, or inexpert or unauthorised repair.
3) Water penetration through misuse, or on non water resistant watches.
4) Discolouration, wear & tear occurring through normal usage. 

See STORM Guarantee or Care & Maintenance for more information.
Q: How long will it take to service my watch? / How will I receive it back?
     Please allow up to 28 days for the return of your watch. However there may be a delay over the 28-day period if spare parts are not in stock, if this is the case we will inform you. We will return your watch back to you by Tracked Package.
Q: Is my STORM watch water resistant?
     Only if your watch states "Water Resistant" on the caseback. Please refer to Care & Maintenance for more information.
Q: How long do the batteries last in STORM watches?
     Usually up to 2 years from the date of manufacture, not date of purchase. Some models may vary.
Q: Where can I get instructions for my STORM Watch?
    You can download watch instructions here
Q: Are your watches nickel safe / Anti-Allergenic?
    All STORM products are anti-allergenic and comply with current European standards.
Q: I have purchased a STORM watch from outside of Canada, where can I obtain service?
    If you are outside Canada please contact/ send your watch to the distributor in your country or as detailed on your STORM guarantee. If you do not have the address then please contact our sales dept and ask for the address of the distributor in your own country. If you are in Canada then please send your watch to us for service directly, please see Returns Procedure for more info.