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The Quartz Watch

Posted by Joel Bixi on

In the mid 1920’s, the discovery of the “crystal oscillator” paved the way for the now most popular Quartz watch. For informational purposes, the definition of “Quartz” is that, the accuracy of the watch is powered by a mineral crystal that has the same name. (In technical terms, when the crystal oscillator which is a quartz crystal cut in the shape of a tuning fork, comes under mechanical stress it creates voltage called “Piezoelectric” that makes it oscillate (vibrate) which creates a consistent frequency. In watches it is usually 32,768Hz, which is high enough so most people can’t hear it, but this frequency is picked up by an electronic counter that overflows once a second, thus sending a pulse once per second that drives the accuracy in clocks). Enough with the technical, back to watches… In 1927 the first Quartz clock was invented, and in 1967 the first Quartz watch prototype was revealed, it now represents most of the watches manufactured worldwide. 

This tuning fork is made out of Quartz Crystal - Actual size 3mm. 

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